Client Testimonials


30 Pounds Lost

Megan from New Jersey

"I’m so happy I found Amy to help me lose my baby weight.  I tried so many different diets before I met Amy and nothing was working for me.  I was always lightheaded and hungry and would end up binging at night.   On Amy’s plan I didn’t feel deprived or hungry so it was easy to stick to.  She gave me great recommendations for easy snacks and meals for days I didn’t have time to plan ahead.  I’ve lost 30lbs so far and am getting closer to my goal!  Thank you Amy!!"

32 Pounds Lost

Alastair from Florida
Karoline from New York

20 Pounds Lost

“I can’t say how thankful I am that I was able to use Amy on my weight loss journey! She was able to help me lose 20 pounds already and pave the road for my next 10 pounds! I would recommend Amy to anyone who needs help with losing weight and/or just getting healthier. I am very excited to continue this journey, and grateful to Amy!!!!”


14 Pounds Lost

Ashley from Georgia

17 Pounds Lost

Karyn from New Jersey

“Amy has been wonderful throughout this entire experience. She replies back to every single food log entry and gives me helpful advice or encouragement even on the weekends :) She also emails me delicious dinner recipes to try and various healthy snack options. She has helped me lose the extra pounds that I gained over the holidays. I am extremely grateful for her and now have changed the way I look at food and my diet.”

10 Pounds Lost

Emily from Georgia

20 Pounds Lost

Sarah from Illinois

Sarah lost 20 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes in four months by changing her eating habits. She said, "I truly never thought this was possible."

Lena from New Jersey

"Amy is a wonderful nutritionist, not only did she help me achieve my goal of setting a balanced, healthy diet, she is very personable, reliable and easy to work with. She established a clear, balanced eating plan which was simple to track and monitor and I achieved my goals in a timely manner. Amy was available to answer my many questions and had some great food recommendations which have become staples in my diet.  Thank you Amy!"

Keli & Gareth from Florida

"Amy’s nutrition program is extremely helpful. As with any program, communication is key. Amy was always an email, text, or phone call away. My son received personalized interaction and information. He is a swimmer who needed to add extra calories and protein during his day, not only as an athlete but also to understand the basic needs of nutrition for his growing body. Gareth had open communication with Amy which was terrific. We love Amy. She helped us kick start a healthy eating for our athlete." 

"I was struggling to lose that last 15 lbs of baby weight and exercise just wasn't enough. Amy saved the day. She listened to my story, devised a strategy and coached me through it all. She is encouraging and a dream to work with. I am happy to say that two years later, I have kept the weight off. Every time I feel myself slipping, I remember what Amy taught me and get right back on track."

Kristin from New Jersey

“Amy has successfully challenged me to rethink what and when I eat in a way that has enabled me to maintain my current lifestyle and better understand how to effectively lose weight without depriving myself of every food I love. Having her in my corner has made all the difference!”

Carrie from Illinois

"Amy is amazing! I had struggled for the past year or so in losing weight, and she immediately set me up with a plan. Throughout the process she was always available and always offered her support. I ended up losing over 10 pounds and couldn't have done it without Amy's help. She's taught me dietary lessons that will last a lifetime!"

Will from New York